Corrosion Management

Carbon dioxide corrosion in carbon steel tubing of a gas well.

Failure Analysis

Ironhaven conducts failure analysis since 1989. We are active in all markets, from oil and gas to nuclear power plants and marine corrosion. And from breweries to climate control units in (large) buildings. We have access to a laboratory with a SEM microscope with EDX analysis instrument, metallographic microscopes, MIC analysis (microbiological influenced corrosion) and other equipment. We work for several courts as expert witness.

Modelling and electronics for cathodic protection and galvanic corrosion

Ironhaven is expert in cathodic protection and galvanic corrosion monitoring. We supply electronics that control the sacrificial anode. No battery or power supply is required, the anode is the battery.



MIC Analysis

In our laboratory we can analyse on microorganism that cause MIC (microbiological corrosion). We use all modern technologies like DNA analysis but we also use the well known culture assays for the notorious SRB’s (sulfate reducing bacteria) and other micro organism.

Materials selection

For a (process) plant, many materials can be selected. Take seawater. Common materials for seawater processing are carbon steel, stainless steels, GRE (glassfiber reinforced epoxy), coated carbon steel (Rilsan coating), carbon steel under cathodic protection, cunifer (copper alloys), bronze and titanium. We know exactly what material to select under which circumstances.

Corrosion and inspection management

Since 2001 Ironhaven has been specialised in Corrosion Management. We are specialized in ‘Risc Based Inspection’ (RBI) in accordance with API 580 and API 581. This method for improving maintenance and inspection quality has been integrated by most industries worldwide, and also maintenance in building industry and civil works is being organized more and more in accordance with risc based inspection phylosophy.
We have contracts for CM for oil and gas platforms, for process industry and for buildings.

The benefits of this approach are evident:

  • Increased safety on behalf of health and environmental risks.
  • More effective maintenance and asset integrity management.
  • Better remaining lifetime prediction.

International Safety Standard MIS-1203

Since 1985 Stainless Steel (SS) caused 56 fatalities and 325 injured in indoor swimming pools all over the world. This makes in average 2 needless fatalities and 10 injured every year. Probably it’s even worse. With an international technical-scientific committee NACE TGG 498, Ironhaven BV stopped this pattern. We published the Safety Standard Ironhaven MIS 1203. TNO and two professors recommend this standard to the Dutch parliament and the Dutch swimming pools. Most Dutch cities are using MIS 1203 satisfactorily . With this document they can prove to comply with the Law Bouwbesluit article 5.8. Also more than 100 large swimming pools of Sportfondsen Nederland BV work with MIS 1203. This international standard lead to the 1 1/2 year lasting closure of swimming pool de Schelp in Bergen op Zoom, they closed because of 2.3 million EURO repair cost in the main and roof construction of the building. The price of one licence (for one individual swimming pool) is EURO 985,- ex VAT. For example, the city of the Hague operates 7 swimming pools according to the Law WHVBZ. This means the city of the Hague paid 7 times the license fee. All together 1000 Dutch indoor swimming pools must comply with the Law Bouwbesluit art. 5.12. Jan Heselmans of Ironhaven BV claims copyright on MIS 1203. All rights reserved, Jan Heselmans, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Download manuals

For our pulsing sacrificial anodes for sandbed filters we have the following manuals:

Manual sandbed filters (German)

Manual sandbed filters (Dutch)

Manual sandbed filters (English)