Corrosion Monitoring

Maintenance, inspection management and corrosion control are optimized by corrosion montioring. Ironhaven works with the electrical resistance technology and electrochemical methods such as LPR and ECN (electrochemical noise), widely used for oil and gas production for more than 50 years. As only company in the world, we combine ER, LPR and ECN in one probe, the Ironhaven combiprobe. We use interfaces such as 4-20 mA HART and LORA. LORA is a wireless data transmission protocol in the Netherlands and elsewhere. It covers the entire country like a GSM modem does. The energy consumption is very low, one battery assures data transmission during 2 years. The output of the combiprobe is as follows:

  • Corrosion rate in mm/year (LPR technology)
  • Metal loss in micrometer (ER technology)
  • Pitting distribution 0 (no pitting) to 1 (needle hole pitting) (ECN technology)

The Ironhaven Corrosion Monitoring Handbook shows you all ins and outs and specifications for corrosion monitoring.

Wellhead Monitoring


Corrosion Monitoring Handbook

SensCorr Combi instrument

NACE Paper combined monitoring (NACE Orlando 2013)