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Founded in 1989, we are specialists in corrosion management and the optimization of materials performance.
Our services and products include:

  • Corrosion engineering, materials selection and failure analysis
  • Corrosion Monitoring: development, production supply, commissioning, data services
  • Modelling of cathodic protection and galvanic corrosion
  • Supply of advanced self controlled sacrificial anodes
  • Developing and publishing materials standards and recommended practices

Ironhaven is a specialist in research and development. We developed a probe and instrument with three corrosion monitoring techniques in one. This probe measures corrosion according to the Electrical Resistance method, according to Linear Polarization Resistance and according to Electrochemical Noise. Also Ironhaven developed electronics to control sacrificial anodes. Either the protection potential is controlled, or the anodes are made pulsing. No battery or power supply are required, the anode current is used to charge a capacitor to 5 Volt for printboard supply.

Ironhaven complies with ISO 9001 and we are VCA certified, the Dutch certification for Safety, Health and Environment. Our personnel is certified in accordance with the Offshore Safety Training Nogepa 0.5.b.

Iron ore on the quay of a blast furnace plant. “Corrosion is reversed metallurgy”. Picture: Cor Laffra.

A paper about materials selection in seawater, marine and offshore applications.

materials selection for seawater applications

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Ironhaven B.V. (Former Corrodium B.V.)
Planetenweg 5
2132 HN Hoofddorp
The Netherlands

T: +31 85 273 35 01
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