Climate tests

Compared to corrosion caused by (cooling) water and chemicals, atmospheric corrosion causes most of the corrosion cost. Especially in the marine and offshore sector atmospheric corrosion cost are very high. Think about the cost of coating application or coating repair.

Ironhaven conducts coating and corrosion inspections with regard to atmospheric corrosion. For coating inspections we provide our NACE CIP level 3 inspectors.

We have our own climate simulation cabinets, where we can do several kind of test, included Kesternich test. The Kesternich test simulates acidic atmospheres.

The indoor swimming pool atmosphere appears to be very corrosive for stainless steels because of formation of hydrochloric acid in the atmosphere. Ironhaven conducted enhanced climate tests on behalf of an ISO Standard in order to improve the safety in the swimming pools. The perfect alternative for the dangerous stainless steels is galvanized steel, available in every building market.