foto oxilyser3For optimizing your stainless steel performance

The corrosion resistance of stainless steels depends on the quality of a very thin oxide layer, the ‘passive layer’. The Oxilyser3® replaces the Oxilyser® which was introduced in 1993 and since then been successfully used worldwide by pickling and passivation companies, end users and for checking passivity of storage and transport tanks (shipping companies). With the OXILYSER3 passivity can be measured fast and accurately. Besides a 0-100 passivity scale, a LED (green/red) will indicate good/bad passivity. The Oxilyser 3 helps you to avoid corrosion problems.


  • Checking effectiveness of pickling and passivation treatment
  • Checking presence of free iron on products
  • Checking effectiveness of rinse treatment
  • Checking passivity after unloading and cleaning of (ship) tanks

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