Stainless Steel Sand Bed Filters

Sand bed filters and other voluminous process equipment can be protected very well against corrosion. This can be both stainless steel as (coated) carbon steel equipment. A major market is protection of stainless steel sand bed filters in swimming pools. Unprotected, the stainless steel suffers MIC (microbiological corrosion). However if protected, no MIC occurs. Swimming pool water is fresh water meaning magnesium anodes are required. The magnesium anodes are controlled by a circuit board in order to provide a pulse on the object to be protected. This pulse gives the following benefits:

  • Fighting a corrosive biofilm
  • Longer (double) lifetime of the anode
Behind the manhole, the head of a magnesium tank anode can be seen. On the right the anode cable that goes to the electronic control unit for providing a pulse. The + is the stainless steel sand bed filter and the – is the magnesium anode.













Download the manual CP sand bed filter. Please note the safety instructions:

Manual CP stainless steel sand bed filters

(Dutch) Handleiding RVS zandbedfilter

(German) Installationshandbuch Edelstahlen in Sandbettfiltern


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